Dad And Mum Leave Home

This is a continuation of my posts on the topic of family formation as I contemplate the implications of families getting older, breaking-up and generational shifts. All very big topics …
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The Kids Leave Home

Sooner or later almost all children will leave the family home and this truth is one of the biggest drivers of demand in the housing market. While it is a …
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Work Takes More Time

Australia’s reputation as a relaxed easy-going place where, taking care of things tomorrow, was always soon enough, has long ago vanished. Now Australia is among the most hard-working places in …
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The Family Grows – Up

When we look at the impact of family formation it takes no enlightenment to understand that as families grow they have very different housing needs. This is an obvious fact …
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Let’s Buy An Investment

Australian’s generally are attracted to property investments, and while we are not alone – we like property, we understand it; the tax system also encourages real estate investment particularly with …
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Family Formation We All Get Older

Over the last few posts, my aim has been to outline how key aspects of family formation impacts the demand for real estate. Looking at how particular demographic trends go …
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