Federal budget little impact – but lets keep an eye on super changes

While Tuesday’s Federal Budget announcement did not make any particular provisions relating directly to the property industry – for instance, additional homeowner grants – I do think that the projected …
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After nine years the stamp duty debate continues

In August 2003 the then Federal Treasurer Peter Costello gave an interview on 3AW with Derryn Hinch and the subject was, Housing Affordability; Stamp Duty; GST; First Home Owners’ Scheme.

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STAMP DUTY: It’s time for a major change.

When the GST came along on the 1st July 2000 there was the ‘promise’ that lots of other taxes, duties and charges, in particular state taxes would be abolished or …
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Stamp Duty: A Well Founded Tax Or Major Disincentive

The topic of stamp duty paid on property transactions is never far from the minds of anyone who is active in the residential housing market. It’s both a big source …
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ROI Structure will vary according to project type

Over the past few weeks we have examined how a well-managed ROI campaign structure is required to ensure that a quality plan is seen as the imperative of all activity …
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A second airport for Sydney – the debate needs to end

A few weeks ago I noted that The Property Council had started a campaign ‘Make My City Work’ to help raise awareness about how our major cities are planned and …
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