Marketing technology leaps ahead … and much more to come

By any observation over the past few years we have all seen the strong and increasing tie between project marketing and the use of technology. Websites, Google, CGIs, virtual tours, …
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Make My City Work – Your Invitation to Join the Campaign

Depending upon where you live over the weekend you may well have seen some good or not so good news about the ranking of your city in the survey My …
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The critical role of pre-sales and ROI campaigns – Part 1

After a few weeks looking at the role of sales and marketing suites, I an now going to spend a few weeks discussing the role of pre-sales and how various …
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Land sales surge points to stronger market

Land sales are frequently seen as a vote of confidence in an area, because it is generally accepted that buyers are demonstrating their faith in a particular market. Firstly by …
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Display Homes And Apartments

Having spent several weeks talking about the pros and cons of sales and display suites I am now going to spend sometime looking at the essential role of display apartments …
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Gold Coast apartment supply heads to decade low

The Gold Coast has a reputation as on of Australia’s most volatile real estate markets. Rightly or wrongly it’s closely watched for any changes that might act as a pointer …
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