Stamp Duty: A Well Founded Tax Or Major Disincentive

The topic of stamp duty paid on property transactions is never far from the minds of anyone who is active in the residential housing market. It’s both a big source …
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ROI Structure will vary according to project type

Over the past few weeks we have examined how a well-managed ROI campaign structure is required to ensure that a quality plan is seen as the imperative of all activity …
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A second airport for Sydney – the debate needs to end

A few weeks ago I noted that The Property Council had started a campaign ‘Make My City Work’ to help raise awareness about how our major cities are planned and …
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ROI Key Factors: If all goes to plan, valuable and early sales will result

Given the spread of ROI (Registration Of Interest) marketing campaigns, I think it is important to look at the key setting in greater detail. First up before starting any ROI …
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Architects Role: A complex picture driven by varied challenges

One key aim of Project Agenda is to encourage an exchange of ideas from a wide cross section of industry players. Architects have a long history with their profession, names …
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Securing Early Pre-Sales – The Standard

Over the past few weeks I have discussed how selling off-the-plan aimed at securing pre-sales is today key element of project marketing. In fact pre-sales are now very common and …
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