Investment marketing for large projects

I suspect that like me you will have seen a few advertisements for investment properties, in particular those associated with large projects. A frequent selling point is to feature a …
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New home buyers take the headlines in NSW Budget

Over the last few weeks I have devoted several posts here to a discussion about state based property charges, including stamp duty and various buyer incentives and grants.

Tuesday’s NSW …
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Let’s buy an investment apartment

Let’s buy an investment apartment” – now I am not really sure how many times I have overheard or been part of a discussion when this suggestion has entered the …
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Indirect Buyer Incentives

Following from my previous post…Direct incentives that a buyer might receive could include cash value or discounts, price reductions and rebates. There are other non-cash incentives in the form of …
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The use of incentives in project marketing

Over the past few weeks I have been taking a detailed look at the topic of stamp duty on property and how among other related issues, various state governments manipulate …
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JUST RELEASED: Apartments Research & Forecast Report First Half 2012

With several months activity now behind us the release of the Apartments Research and Forecast Reports – First Half 2012 overview of Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and …
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