Buyer Incentives, Current Concessions And Beyond

You do not need to look very far to see the many marketing campaigns across the Sydney markets that are flagging the current stamp duty concessions for NSW. And NSW …
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Interest Rate Lifeline Seen As Too Early

In today’s economy interest rates affect us because of their economic, social and political impact. As a result in the lead-up to Reserve Bank meetings speculation has become a ritual. …
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Watching Buyers Every Move

London’s Guardian newspaper reports that some local shopping centres are now tracking almost every move their customers make.

Via a new platform FootPath that tracks visitors mobile phone, shopping centre …
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Key Development Criteria Location, Lifestyle & Loans

Over the past week a fresh debate about the need to directly encourage new land releases has started, thanks to mainly an announcement by the state government, asking developers to …
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Finance To Remain At Centre Stage

If you look at almost any recent financial trend lines they would more than likely show a roller-coaster pattern including 2011. And while most groups managed to hang on for …
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A new team member

I am happy to welcome on board Kristy Lee as a new member of our expanding team. Kristy has a well earned reputation as one of Sydney’s most respected project …
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