The critical role of pre-sales and ROI campaigns – Part 1

After a few weeks looking at the role of sales and marketing suites, I an now going to spend a few weeks discussing the role of pre-sales and how various …
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Land sales surge points to stronger market

Land sales are frequently seen as a vote of confidence in an area, because it is generally accepted that buyers are demonstrating their faith in a particular market. Firstly by …
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Display Homes And Apartments

Having spent several weeks talking about the pros and cons of sales and display suites I am now going to spend sometime looking at the essential role of display apartments …
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Gold Coast apartment supply heads to decade low

The Gold Coast has a reputation as on of Australia’s most volatile real estate markets. Rightly or wrongly it’s closely watched for any changes that might act as a pointer …
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Brochures – can you judge a project by its cover?

This is a new topic and along with other areas like advertising, signboards and displays is a foundation of activity. I think it’s an area we would all be very …
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Residential Research & Forecast First Half 2012

If you’re looking for a precise overview of current forecasts for Residential Communities in Canberra, Melbourne, South East Queensland and Sydney then be sure to check the First Half 2012 …
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