How to use (and not use) the Marketing Suite

As possibly the single biggest item of investment and the one element that has the potential for a big impact on consumers, how the marketing suite is used is as …
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Getting a tick for the buyer’s experience

As I continue to examine the role of sales and display centres it’s time to look more closely at how the buyer’s experience and content work together.

I think …
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Interest rate moves by banks – the wash up is no surprise

In early January I suggested, with no great leap of faith, that a move by the major banks to decouple their interest rates away from levels set by the Reserve …
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Key factors for planning sales and display centres

Having spent some time talking about the key role that any sales and display centres has in the sales path of a project and how these centres can enhance the …
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Sales & display centres should work to local conditions

Both the ‘touch and tug’ elements (as discussed in previous posts) are now well represented in many successful display centre designs and layouts. The balance between the two will always …
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The Design Challange

These comments on some of the design challenges for apartment architects and developers were somewhat seeded by a recent article (that I read in the Sydney Morning Herald) concerning …
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