How Much Did They Pay ?

Over the past twelve months house prices have been on the rise led by Sydney, but also in Melbourne and Brisbane. Alongside this trend we have see many high profile …
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It’s Time to Index Stamp Duty

A strong resurgence in the residential property market has significantly lifted transfer duties; including residential stamp duty in 2013-14 and signs are the trend will continue. However for what has …
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Commission of Audit we all Need to Take Notice

I am not an economist and after the release last week of the Federal Government’s Commission of Audit report this is a fact for which I am somewhat grateful. Having …
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Should We Do More for First Homes Buyers

Over recent months we have seen a number of high profile residential projects going to market and achieving spectacular sales results, with entire buildings or releases quickly sold out. The …
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Stamp duty savings end & rates remain on-hold

It has been a busy few weeks for local real estate markets with the Stamp Duty incentives ending in NSW on Saturday (30th June 2012) and then last week the …
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New home buyers take the headlines in NSW Budget

Over the last few weeks I have devoted several posts here to a discussion about state based property charges, including stamp duty and various buyer incentives and grants.

Tuesday’s NSW …
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Indirect Buyer Incentives

Following from my previous post…Direct incentives that a buyer might receive could include cash value or discounts, price reductions and rebates. There are other non-cash incentives in the form of …
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Super change to encourage property investment

In the days following last week’s Federal Budget the main debate appeared to be driven by political infighting. However as the headlines start to settle I would like to re-visit …
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Federal budget little impact – but lets keep an eye on super changes

While Tuesday’s Federal Budget announcement did not make any particular provisions relating directly to the property industry – for instance, additional homeowner grants – I do think that the projected …
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After nine years the stamp duty debate continues

In August 2003 the then Federal Treasurer Peter Costello gave an interview on 3AW with Derryn Hinch and the subject was, Housing Affordability; Stamp Duty; GST; First Home Owners’ Scheme.

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