STAMP DUTY: It’s time for a major change.

When the GST came along on the 1st July 2000 there was the ‘promise’ that lots of other taxes, duties and charges, in particular state taxes would be abolished or …
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Stamp Duty: A Well Founded Tax Or Major Disincentive

The topic of stamp duty paid on property transactions is never far from the minds of anyone who is active in the residential housing market. It’s both a big source …
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Interest rate moves by banks – the wash up is no surprise

In early January I suggested, with no great leap of faith, that a move by the major banks to decouple their interest rates away from levels set by the Reserve …
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Buyer Incentives, Current Concessions And Beyond

You do not need to look very far to see the many marketing campaigns across the Sydney markets that are flagging the current stamp duty concessions for NSW. And NSW …
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Interest Rate Lifeline Seen As Too Early

In today’s economy interest rates affect us because of their economic, social and political impact. As a result in the lead-up to Reserve Bank meetings speculation has become a ritual. …
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Finance To Remain At Centre Stage

If you look at almost any recent financial trend lines they would more than likely show a roller-coaster pattern including 2011. And while most groups managed to hang on for …
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The Banks Look To Free Float Interest Rates

What is clearly emerging is that Australia’s major banks are set to disconnect and free float their interest rates away from changes made by the Reserve Bank to official interest …
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