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How Important is Unemployment in Today’s Residential Market.

It’s impossible to escape the reality that our employment market is in a flux, big name employers like GMH, Toyota, Ford, Alcoa and Qantas are in the spotlight and there …
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2013 A Remarkable Year With Sydney In The Lead

As the daily traffic grind starts to ease on Sydney’s roads, we all know that the holidays and silly season have arrived. And looking back over 2013, it is impossible …
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A Little Slice of Property History Makes Interesting Reading

It’s almost impossible to escape the current narrative about the boom in many of Australia’s housing markets, in particular Sydney. We are seeing activity that is at its strongest for …
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No Bubble in Property Market

Over the last few months and in particular over the weeks since the Federal Election there has been a great deal of chatter about a so-called residential property bubble. This …
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It is easy to lose track of how frequently infrastructure and development are linked together and how the lack of infrastructure has a negative impact on many aspects of the …
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The Federal Budget 2013/14 Beyond The Headlines Fiscal Restraint, Budget Cuts, Unemployment and the GST.

As the budget headlines fade I think there are some long-term challenges that will impact the frame of mind of many people in the housing market, in particular the first …
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The Federal Budget 2013/14 Beyond The Headlines

With The Federal Budget now almost one week old and with the flood of commentary starting to slow, I wanted take a look at how this budget impacts the housing …
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Sydney Leading Apartment Price Rises.

As we contemplate what impact and marketing challenges will emerge in a housing market experiencing the lowest home loan interest rates seen in more than 50 years, I think a …
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Affordability Time for New Ideas

The lack of affordable housing and the use of incentives, in particular those aimed at first time buyers, are constant themes across many of the subjects we discuss in Project …
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Part III: How Can We Bridge The Gap?

This is a short follow up on my recent topic of How Can We Bridge Gap of supply and affordability in the local housing market. Because we know that these …
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