At Home In The City – The Doorman Has It!

Like me you may be able to clearly recall when living in a flat or buying an apartment was seen as an entry point into the housing market. For varied …
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At Home in the City – What Buyers Want

Over the last two weeks I have looked at some of the key demographics driving our CBD residential markets. While a city apartment is not a new idea, Sydney’s Astor …
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At Home in the City – Young and Restless

It might not come as a surprise that most CBD dwellers are young, in Melbourne 67% are less than 35 years old. Most live in households of only 1 or …
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The Marketing Essentials of Product Review & Planning

Last week I started to outline why product design and planning are Project Marketing essentials. I think it is reasonable to suggest that the Project Marketing team should play an …
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Let’s Not Forget The Collision Factor.

In my last post my aim was to sow the seeds for a longer discussion on the subject of creativity as applied to the content of the marketing and advertising …
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Signs – Grabbing Attention

Over the last few weeks I have looked at some of the new trends surrounding online marketing, but this week I would like to return to an old and very …
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On-Line Marketing Social Media Options For 2013.

In January we have been looking at a few of the key opportunities and challenges that on-line marketing offers us in the Project Marketing environment. Above all we kept coming …
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On-Line Marketing Some More Key Thoughts.

Over my next two posts I will wind up this topic, starting with a look at some of the different on-line applications we should consider or increase in our various …
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Small Projects – Time On The Market & A Final Overview

The time required to sell-out a project is always critical. But along the way there will also be other milestones, that will included when and how a project is released …
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Small Projects – brochures and signs

Alongside websites and display material, brochures and signs are two essential areas to consider. Both areas are now, thanks to new technologies much more flexible and affordable. Just like the …
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