Securing Early Pre-Sales – The Standard

Over the past few weeks I have discussed how selling off-the-plan aimed at securing pre-sales is today key element of project marketing. In fact pre-sales are now very common and …
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The critical role of pre-sales and ROI campaigns – Part 2

Off-the-plan sales

Pre-sales will always involve selling off-the-plan and at times well ahead of any construction, years ahead in some cases. While there are some very select and limited markets …
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The critical role of pre-sales and ROI campaigns – Part 1

After a few weeks looking at the role of sales and marketing suites, I an now going to spend a few weeks discussing the role of pre-sales and how various …
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Getting a tick for the buyer’s experience

As I continue to examine the role of sales and display centres it’s time to look more closely at how the buyer’s experience and content work together.

I think …
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Key factors for planning sales and display centres

Having spent some time talking about the key role that any sales and display centres has in the sales path of a project and how these centres can enhance the …
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Sales & display centres should work to local conditions

Both the ‘touch and tug’ elements (as discussed in previous posts) are now well represented in many successful display centre designs and layouts. The balance between the two will always …
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Beyond the click we have the display and sales centre

Out of almost any marketing budget the sales and display centre will normally account for between 40% and 50% of the total marketing budget. This figure would include the display …
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Sales Office & Display Suites

A great opportunity, a marketing foundation and challenge.

Because of the essential role that the sales office and display suite plays in the marketing of apartments, it is a theme …
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Watching Buyers Every Move

London’s Guardian newspaper reports that some local shopping centres are now tracking almost every move their customers make.

Via a new platform FootPath that tracks visitors mobile phone, shopping centre …
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