JUST RELEASED: Apartments Research & Forecast Report First Half 2012

With several months activity now behind us the release of the Apartments Research and Forecast Reports – First Half 2012 overview of Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and …
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The critical role of pre-sales and ROI campaigns – Part 1

After a few weeks looking at the role of sales and marketing suites, I an now going to spend a few weeks discussing the role of pre-sales and how various …
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Brochures – can you judge a project by its cover?

This is a new topic and along with other areas like advertising, signboards and displays is a foundation of activity. I think it’s an area we would all be very …
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Key factors for planning sales and display centres

Having spent some time talking about the key role that any sales and display centres has in the sales path of a project and how these centres can enhance the …
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