If you look at almost any recent financial trend lines they would more than likely show a roller-coaster pattern including 2011. And while most groups managed to hang on for the ride, the outlook for the apartment market in 2012 will be more than ever finance linked.

From a marketing perspective I am always sensitive to how finance hits the mood of the market. In particular how confidence is impacted, how the market feels. While there used to be up-dates with the evening news, today more commonly it’s a minute-to-minute feed of an endless flow of good, or bad or indifferent news, that consumers are having to digest and it is I believe impacting buyer commitment.

And what I do not forget, or become disconnected from, is that all consumers, you along with all my readers, face the task of digesting this information along with the realities of daily life. So we see that sales are generally taking longer as a result and this is a marketing soft spot, that requires industry leading solutions to get the best results for everyone involved, the project, the developer and buyers alike.

Keeping a job, raising a family, sending kids to school, buying or finding a home. These are some social realities that drive life and in turn drive demand for real estate, but the need for housing finance is always there, it’s a connection I will keep to the forefront here.