I was reminded the other day about the frequency and energy that many major home project builders invest into their constantly evolving inventory of display homes. Which in turn directly reflects the appeal of their homes to the market.

 At the start of a new year almost all builders take the opportunity to liven up, redesign or totally revamp their homes. So that they remain fresh, they are quick to respond to changing taste. It’s an essential strategy and while it is one that is very hard to match in the development of apartments, it is a worthy subject within project marketing of land estates, as it directly highlights some of the marketing hurdles we face.

 I am quick to acknowledge that changing the design of housing stock, notwithstanding the costs involved, is very much a more fluid and achievable task than the almost impossible idea of changing the design of an apartment project.

In fact once construction starts it’s more or less impossible to make major design changes. So that’s another key aspect of planning to keep top of the list. But when necessary and when market conditions dictate, it is possible to make optional interior design and finish changes.

There will be times when such changes will be a good idea or at times necessary, and should be encouraged by the marketing team. However while understanding the various constraints, the more focused discussion comes back to a proposition that apartment design may not generally be keeping pace with the wider expectations of the market. Product development and design is an ongoing area to consider and one very much in the mind of potential buyers from the first time buyer to the retirement buyer.

I’ll be returning to the design challenges we face in a series of future posts – stay tuned.