Depending upon where you live over the weekend you may well have seen some good or not so good news about the ranking of your city in the survey My City: The People’s Verdict. Based on a survey of more than 5200 people from 10 cities Adelaide was named as our most liveable city.

Perth and Melbourne scored 62.1 out of 100 for liveability; both cities fell short of Adelaide on 64, and Canberra, 63.6. While Sydney with 58.2 came in second last, leaving Darwin 57.7. Sydney’s poor transport and high housing costs were a negative.

According to the Property Council of Australia (PCA), and I think few would argue, Australians love their cities, but are also frustrated by them.

We all curse to varied degrees the lack of facilities, but above all according to the PCA we condemn the absence of long-term vision and bold thinking about cities and we ask, is anyone even listening?

So now the PCA is launching a national campaign to mobilise the political will to forge a better deal for our cities. To do this they first need to muster public support to prove there is a powerful mandate for action. The PCA campaign – Make My City Work – will be launched at a televised address on 28 March at the National Press Club in Canberra.

And so along with the PCA and my colleagues, I am asking you to support this campaign by as the PCA suggests:

1. Signing up as a campaign supporter.

2. Encouraging your friends and colleagues to do the same.

3. Making your voice heard by participating in campaign activities.

To do this simply visit

Project Agenda in its own way is also about seeding debate about how our cities are developed and I am keen for as mush discussion as possible. Thanks PCA for this fantastic idea!