Over the years I have seen lots of research that points to the importance and quality of the professional relationship that needs to exist between real estate salespeople and the buyers and vendors they work with. Despite all of the digital channels available to the market, much of the completion of a successful transaction still comes from face-to-face contact.

No matter how much social media or other channels might be used, real estate is still a very personal market, and it’s also one where a great deal of trust is involved. Some of the research I recall also pinpointed how important it was for both buyers and vendors to feel comfortable with the salesperson they were dealing with. In my memory I’ve read some very compelling accounts of how important this area is and I suggest even more so in today’s more demanding market.

While experience and being in the market for many years might be key, it remains important to build and sustain a personal brand, so I’ve been looking at ways this can be developed.

Reputation & Testimonials

Real estate marketing has become very tied up with personal brands and I think that’s a good thing, and it’s really a key part of the sales path.

A common sight now is when a property is For Sale or Sold, you very often see the sales agent’s name on the signs and advertising. To me this says ‘I take personal responsibility and interest in this sale’ … after all, the sales person puts their name and face on public display. I think that’s an important personal commitment.

Despite the fact that there’s all sorts of hype about the market and the people involved, there’s still a very real personal connection and a personal brand in real estate needs constant care and attention. To be a success the better you are at working with your clients the more success you will achieve.

I am not suggesting that it’s a good thing to be endlessly promoting a personal brand, but there are some straightforward ideas that can aid the sales path.

Upfront the foundations are built around building trust, credibility, being reliable, and to connect with every client. So what are some good ideas to help approach a good personal brand?

Really, no matter what service or product you might be buying or looking for, testimonials and even more so in today’s world of Social Media, influence us all.

Straightforward and concise testimonials are easily seen by almost anyone in the market as being the number one branding tool for the individual, however they need to be relevant and recent.

Videos On You Tube
Another easy to organise and popular tool is having a personal presence on YouTube. This could be a collection of property tours or again testimonials. These will also help with Google search results, they add to credibility.

Social Media
In the real estate environment it’s positive to be seen as likeable, reliable and good at what you do, and so the use of social media platforms can help communicate this.

Used properly, social media gives a very strong foundation to how you build a personal brand, but it does need an investment of time. Manage content and keep it current and aligned with the market you work in and be original so that you create personal insights. It’s lazy to re-purpose other people’s ideas and events, the media is here to give people an insight into you and your professional ability.

Keeping In Touch
It’s also essential to keep in touch with your community, all clients and associates, and that can be via a blog (like this one) or newsletters, listings, general emails and updates.

However, again here content is very important, and its vital to not annoy your audience, keep in touch yes but do not become a pest. Digital media is great but it’s a problem now that for many people their inbox can become crowded so set yourself the goal of quality to break through the noise.

Some Key Elements
In what can be a very hectic environment when marketing real estate, to help support your personal brand there are a few simple ideas to always keep in mind.

  • Always ensure personally addressed direct mail with the correct spelling
  • Quick and simple text messages almost always get opened and read, but again only use these at key times of the sales path or client contact
  • Email spamming your contacts should never happen
  • Personal phone calls are the best way to really connect with important news and information. Despite all of the technology, making calls and keeping face-to-face contact is still imperative in building relationships.

Trust Your Brand & Ability
The real power of any personal brand is your own personality and experience, and these are important aspects in the successful marketing of real estate. Every transaction is important, some involve a great deal of money, a great deal of time and emotion. Clients (people) tend to identify with personal brands and all of us as individuals need to appreciate how important this is as a marketing foundation.