London’s Guardian newspaper reports that some local shopping centres are now tracking almost every move their customers make.

Via a new platform FootPath that tracks visitors mobile phone, shopping centre marketers and managers are able to collect some key data that shows: how long customers are in a centre, what are their favoured spots and how they move around the centre.

While individual details are not tracked and the only way to opt out is to switch off your mobile. From a marketing point of view, I have sometimes found myself pondering if centre managers had already started to do this by examining parking tickets. As they would already yield some of these details, if a bit more tedious to research.

 Would it be handy to track potential real estate buyers in this way?

What developments people visit and how long they stay at a location might well yeild some helpful data. Perhaps this may not be far off, as several major real estate portals already offer inspection planning Apps! And consumers might not object as they already appear very happy to embrace anything digital when it comes to real estate marketing. Back of house there may well be overlaps with CRM (Customer Relationship Management this is).