Project Agenda – is an idea that has grown out of my personal desire to create an ongoing and engaging forum to discuss Residential Project Marketing – as a dynamic topic. Where trends, innovations, experiences (both good and bad), ideas – really where any topic, opinion or idea can be discussed with my focus being the Project Marketing of major residential developments. Across Australia or anywhere for that matter.

I will also publish regular interviews with leading players in the field – developers, planners, marketers, architects – those of influence.

Project Marketing is a dynamic part of the property industry with the key responsibility of driving sales worth many billions of dollars. In the project development cycle, if this function is badly planned or poorly managed, then the results are far reaching.

The aim of this blog is to share ideas and hopefully to make a difference. Helping to create better outcomes and encourage professional debate. Lift standards. Not in a textbook fashion or a statistical research document, but in a dynamic ongoing conversation.

The general content is not intended as a check-list or a how to manual, no my aim is to create a live real-time forum and make positive contribution to this important and constantly changing role.

How can Project Agenda do this? How will I make it a productive forum?

My starting point is that the key role of marketing is to seed and grow awareness of a project that must convert into sales. Built around three core pillars: the product, the sales path and the buyer experience.

There are endless ideas that can be applied to the creative process of engaging our market. So a key aim of Project Agenda will also be to help highlight the best ways to use the available tools. Including the effervescent digital environment and other innovations.

We will also discuss all the key ‘must-have’ items, the workhorses that are fundamental to every successful Project Marketing role. This role is a vital and dynamic one, and it might in some views, be seen as an overstatement to suggest it’s the cornerstone role in a complex environment. But here in Project Agenda it’s going to be my standout star, while clearly acknowledging our part in a collaborative team.

It is the way that more than any other, brings the project to the end buyer, the end user, the person who will pay to own the apartment, land or house being developed.

If there is not an effective bridge between the end product and the end buyer there is no project. Against this perspective the Project Marketing role must be planned so that it always makes an early and pivotal contribution.