Insights and thoughts on the world of planning – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

As we continue our conversation with guest Mark Percy, we come to the diverse topic of planning which is clearly another key factor that occupies a central role in property …
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Housing affordability and market sentiment – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

According to our guest Mark Percy, it is affordability that sits at the heart of limited new housing supply housing, combined with limited development sites and planning delays. He suggests …
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Introduction: Interview series with Mark Percy, Cbus Property

Over the next three weeks, I am going to publish a series of posts that give an interesting insight into one of our industries key players Cbus Property. The posts …
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Project Marketing Off-Shore: Key Aspects of a campaign.

While the idea of an off-shore marketing campaign can be appealing, there are some obstacles to avoid and so I would like to round-off this topic with a check-list of …
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Off-shore Marketing – The ground-work – what is required?

From my direct involvement with many projects taken off-shore a well-established sales path is required for success; otherwise if the exercise is poorly managed, or the resources underestimated it can …
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Project Marketing Off-Shore – Property Exhibitions

At the start of this topic I noted that off-shore buyers accounted for 6.5% of new residential sales transactions, highlighting that reaching this market successfully required a depth of experience …
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