The importance of facilities and infrastructure – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

With Mark Percy, we are now moving to the wide-ranging topic of marketing.  Here we are looking at the key influences that buyers and developers face today and in particular, …
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It’s the end game that is the test of quality – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

For Mark, one big quality issue is how a project is finished, the handover from the builder and how settlements are managed so that buyers first experience of their finished …
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Design & Quality – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

As someone responsible for the delivery of residential projects, Mark Percy is well qualified to observe and comment upon the importance of quality and design in major residential developments. To …
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On-costs, levies & contributions – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

We are now going to turn to how various development levies, contributions and tax structures that are layered into the property market and the impact that such costs are having …
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Looking for planning solutions – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

But reassuringly, as might be expected from Mark’s background and given the co-operative model Cbus Property works within, he does suggest there are solutions, and there is evidence from other …
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Insights and thoughts on the world of planning – Mark Percy, Cbus Property

As we continue our conversation with guest Mark Percy, we come to the diverse topic of planning which is clearly another key factor that occupies a central role in property …
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