Baby Boomers Are We Ready?

The baby boomers are that generation born between 1946 and 1964, and in Australia they are now daily turning 65 at an ever-faster rate. It is going to be a …
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The Banks Look To Free Float Interest Rates

What is clearly emerging is that Australia’s major banks are set to disconnect and free float their interest rates away from changes made by the Reserve Bank to official interest …
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Sydney’s North & South West Growth Continues.

From the 1950’s to the 1980’s Sydney’s growth was focused to the west, today it’s the South West and North West, both are major growth centres attracting very significant development …
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Everyone Gives

I am happy to write this brief post and would value your support. Recently Doug Frye, Colliers International’s global Presidential and CEO, announced a worldwide giving initiative that we’re all …
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Review of strata and community scheme laws

The New South Wales Government is set to start a comprehensive review of NSW strata and community title laws in the middle of 2012.

Given that more and more people …
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2012 The Big Picture

From a scan of headlines and news opinions, it appears that for property, 2011 proved to be a fairly stable, if subdued year. And for the apartment market I …
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