Over the past few weeks I have been looking at some of the important steps recommended for the successful marketing of smaller development projects. Before I finish this topic I wanted to briefly recap what I see as some of the key points.

Initially, it is reasonable to assume that the target we are dealing with will in general be smaller, and possibly more demanding. The importance of understanding the demographic is vital and so is timing. Then within this framework we need the most suitable marketing tools some of which we have already discussed, like a good website and fully detailed collateral that will support an ROI campaign. Then we need quality display material to help convert registrations into sales.

Now moving from these areas and appreciating how they relate, we should begin to consider the remaining items, those include in the proposed budget structure for smaller development (Refer to Post – Project Marketing Budget Allocations for Smaller Developments 13th August, 2012).  In addition I would also like to re-visit in more detail the wider relevance of timing, and how this can impacts in a number of ways, the release and completion of the project.

This will then encourage us to look at the importance of time on the market and in particular the impact this can have on the rate of sales. Understanding that all of the effort detailed has the central aim of leveraging the marketing resources and expenditure to secure a solid foundation of sales, and all in a timely manner.