Alongside websites and display material, brochures and signs are two essential areas to consider. Both areas are now, thanks to new technologies much more flexible and affordable. Just like the trends impacting website construction there are new digital brochure and signage options that deliver high quality results.

In a previous post (Brochures – can you judge a project by its cover? 12TH March 2012) I did a post that was dedicated to brochures, and my comments also apply to smaller developments. Relevant to the scale of the project brochures are still an important way to share information and they are an important ‘take-away’ that also reinforces the appeal of a project.

Signs, in particular on-site signs, have a big advantage over almost all other forms of marketing – they are directly connected and related to the site, the product. Signs are there working to promote the site 24/7 and there is ongoing evidence to show that signs not only work as a marketing tool, but they can work very well and will always be required as an essential of marketing.

Signs, all signs on-site and off-site are an essential part of the marketing tool-box, possibly even more so when small projects can be in established areas with lots of passing and local traffic. This old faithful can now be enhanced with high-quality digital graphics, a great way to show off the potential of any project, big or small.

In my next post I will cover the important issue of Time On The Market and complete this topic.